Oliver Knight and Rory McGrath — OK-RM

Describe the Ideal Candidate in three words


What’s the best way to get noticed at application stage?
A recommendation, and if that’s not applicable then a clear, concise and well-researched letter with original and attractive work examples.

How important is your CV, compared to your portfolio?
An attractive portfolio is complemented by a well-crafted CV, and likewise a comprehensive CV is complemented by a versatile portfolio.

How important is it for you to see personal work?
Personal work should ideally flow through all applied examples.

How important is it for a candidate to fit in with your company culture?
Extremely, although it’s often the most difficult aspect to judge at application stage. We are getting better at asking the right questions.

What’s more important, experience or enthusiasm?
Enthusiasm is essential, experience is complementary.

About OK:RM
OK-RM is a London-based design studio founded in 2008 by Oliver Knight and Rory McGrath.

The practice encompasses a variety of activities that include visual identity, publication design, art direction, editorial and digital projects. Working with a diverse and pioneering group of local and international clients and commissioners the studio’s methodology is built on an objective to communicate the intrinsic attributes of each project through well-crafted, thoughtful and direct solutions.