Emmi Salonen — Studio EMMI

Describe the Ideal Candidate in three words

What’s the best way to get noticed at application stage?
A neat presentation, with attention to detail and a short and sharp covering letter. Whether a PDF or printed portfolio, the layout should have character and feel like time and care has gone into putting it together. No spelling mistakes, no widows, no hyphenations or strange line endings.

What’s the most common mistake people make when they apply for jobs?
Talking at length about themselves and forgetting to mention why they would like to work in the chosen studio. Also, although it is a creative industry, it’s still a job application and should be treated with equal formality.

How important is it for you to see personal work?
Depends on the candidate’s experience. It’s always good to “top up” the portfolio with personal work, if you feel something is missing. But for me, it’s not vital. It’s much more important that the portfolio corresponds to the type of work my studio produces, showing good examples of logo, identity system and layout design.

What’s the one thing a potential employee can do that will impress you?
Present a solid portfolio with confidence but not a hint of arrogance.

Is it possible to try too hard?
Yes. Be yourself and work hard. But too much of anything is too much.

Studio EMMI is a London based graphic design practice. Our particular speciality is the creation of environmentally conscious solutions to identity and print design. Established in 2005, we have had the pleasure of working with local and global brands on marketing campaigns, exhibitions, events and publishing projects. Over the years we have developed a track record and a long list of happy clients from the worlds of art, culture, commerce, retail and academia. These include Tate Britain, The Prince’s Foundation for Children & the Arts, Artek and Thames & Hudson. While our clients continue to define us, at the core of Studio EMMI is a strong set of values. Embracing ethical design, combined with environmental awareness and positive attitude, we also pride wit, openness and mastered craftsmanship in our work. Studio EMMI is run by Emmi Salonen. Alongside Emmi there is a group of trusted associates on standby, ready to lend their expertise depending on the needs of the project.