We are Represent, a recruitment agency and career service specialising in design. We pair Visual Designers and Design Managers with agencies and studios across the globe — from full-timers to freelancers, Project Managers to Digital Designers. But that’s not all...

We’re passionate about development and regularly offer practical guidance and inspirational advice to undergraduate Graphic Design students. We lecture in educational institutions throughout Europe and welcome individual designers into our offices for one-to-one consultations.

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James Mclearie
Junior Designers — Full Time & Freelance

Ross Bryant
Mid-Weight Designers — Full Time

Robert Simons
Mid-Weight Designers — Freelance

Joe Cooper
Digital Designers — Full Time & Freelance

Oliver Yemm
Senior Designers — Full Time

Kate Wreyford Hind
Senior Creatives up to Exec Creative Directors — Full Time

Sarina Hussain
Senior Creatives up to Exec Creative Directors — Freelance

Sabrina Poustis
Design Management

Meg Pearce
Studio Manager

Annie Strachan
Studio Assistant

Mike Radcliffe
Managing Director

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We’re on hand once a month to give Designers our expert advice on how best to present themselves commercially. Whether you’re a recent graduate or a seasoned pro looking to make the next step in your career, we have the understanding to help you refresh and revitalise your book.

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Salary Survey

How much do you think you ought to be earning? That’s what we wondered back in 2016. So we set out to discover exactly how much a designer’s paycheque should be. Just how sizeable is the salary of a senior designer, and will a middleweight ever make millions? Thousands of you divulged your earnings, from full-time, in-house designers, to freelancers making work on the fly.

Updated with 2018’s figures, here’s what our Big Creative Salary Survey revealed, from junior to senior, print to digital, freelance to full-time. Now we can all be sure we’re getting a fair deal at work.



We believe in staying ahead of the game when it comes to design, and for the past four years have sought out the best and brightest members of the global design community to find out what they’re looking for in a candidate, client and studio, as well as asking vital questions about the changing face of digital design. Our latest project explores the often overlooked discipline of project management, shedding light on these vital roles and their importance to the creative process.

We like to think all this keeps us on our toes...

Behind The Design

Over the years we’ve given a lot of air­time to designers, the ‘creatives’ in the creative industries have spent plenty of time in the spotlight. But there’s more to the commercial design process than simply designing; the account execs, project managers, producers and operations directors are just as vital to the smooth running of a full­-service studio as the folks with the supreme Photoshop skills – and they have to be creative thinkers to boot. Our latest project looks at what these unsung heroes do day-to-day, and why it’s both an essential and exciting role to play.


Exploring Digital Design

The world of digital design is one of the most exciting, fast-moving and important parts of the creative industries. In 2015 we explored this world through profiles of some of the most interesting international practitioners and features reflecting key themes and ongoing digital design discussions.


The Ideal Client

In 2014 we took a look at the most crucial working relationship of all, and a range of industry professionals elucidated on what makes for a fulfilling, harmonious and creative dynamic; in short, what makes the Ideal Client?


The Ideal Studio

In 2013 we turned the tables to find what makes a really stimulating creative environment. We asked studio founders, creative directors, freelancers and consultants imagine the conditions in the perfect working environment. From chairs to lighting, management structure to client relations, philosophy to free pilates, they all provided some real food for thought.


The Ideal Candidate

Having a great portfolio won’t necessarily score you your dream job. Studios want more than just excellent design work; they’re employing a person, so your personality, professionalism and communication skills are just as important as what you’ve got in your portfolio. In our first ever project we asked some of the industry’s leading studios to share what they were looking for in a young employee and how designers could make themselves the ideal candidate.




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